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Arizona's Premier Travel Club Program for Girls

Founded in 2010 DESERTHEAT established its roots as Arizona's first competitive girls lacrosse club program! Our goal is to provide Arizona players a premier competitive lacrosse club experience that focuses on mastering not only lacrosse skills but overall physical fitness, recruiting opportunities and personal character!

Desert Heat a club travel program for girls in Middle School and High School looking to take their individual skills combined with team game to the next level. We have multiple levels of teams based on your level of competition.

BLACK TEAMS (MS & HS) - highest level of commitment, most (if not all) tournament participation is required, practice attendance is required unless it conflicts with another scheduled lacrosse event such as a recruiting camps/clinics, official visit, etc. Rosters are determined (but not limited to) an annual tryout.

ORANGE TEAMS (MS & HS) - moderate level of commitment, at least one travel tournament participation is required per season; plan to make most practices but we allow a few exceptions. No Tryout needed and rosters are determined by the ability to master set skill.

WHITE TEAMS (HS ONLY) - lowest level of commitment needed and optional tournament participation. No tryout needed and this could be a great place for a newer player to the game who just wants to learn more about the sport or a player who cannot commit as much to practices. If you are a new middle school player, please see our Desert Stix program.

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