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Dynamic Rosters

It is important to understand that our rosters are NEVER final! If you are not initially listed on the desired roster do not worry. We believe in rewarding hard work! If you continue to work hard and progress as a player you could be moved you up during the season and/or for a specific event! It has happened before and it WILL happen again... It could be you so never give up! 

Conversely, your spot on an upper team is NEVER secure! You have earned it but you need to continue to work hard to secure it! 

Once tryouts have passed, all players are still welcome to join. The coaches will evaluate individuals as needed through regular practices and events. 

Players joining post tryouts (fall or winter) will work their way to a higher roster, if that is their goal. You will be placed on the the appropriate roster based on your past placement and/or skill set with the opportunity to be evaluated for a higher, more competitive team. The evaluation process will vary for each athlete depending on, not only their game skills but also their level commitment, teamwork and leadership. 

"Playing time is earned, not given." ~Unknown 

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