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Tryout Info


Tryouts are typically ONLY for players that want to make our Black teams, however, since we did not have formal summer 2020 tryouts we will be evaluating all players the first two weeks of the Fall/Winter season. If you know you are not interested in making the Black team please register for the Orange or White/(unknown) team and let the coaches know on the first day of practice. See below for a list of our teams and their commitment levels.


We will announce rosters on Friday September 25th. Our rosters are ALWAYS DYNAMIC! See our policy under Dynamic Rosters. Players will be evaluated based on their skill, see below for team descriptions. Again if you are not interested in traveling as a middle school player we recommend continuing with Desert Stix program.

BLACK TEAMS (MS & HS) - Advanced Skills. Highest level of commitment, most (if not all) tournament participation is required, practice attendance is required unless it conflicts with another scheduled lacrosse event such as a recruiting camps/clinics, official visit, etc. Rosters are determined (but not limited to) an annual tryout.

ORANGE TEAMS (MS & HS) - Competitive/emerging skills. Moderate level of commitment, at least one travel tournament participation is required per season; plan to make most practices but we allow a few exceptions. No Tryout needed and rosters are determined by the ability to master set skill.

WHITE TEAMS (HS ONLY) - New/beginner level skills. Lowest level of commitment needed and optional tournament participation. No tryout needed and this could be a great place for a newer high school player to the game who just wants to learn more about the sport or a player who cannot commit as much to practices. If you are a new middle school player please see our Desert Stix program. 

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